Collagen For Skin

collagen for skin

Unlock Radiant Skin with Collagen Support

Achieving vibrant, healthy skin requires more than just a cream-based skincare routine. Collagen is a versatile supplement that play a crucial role in promoting skin health, alongside supporting joint and tissue health.

Discover how collagen supplements can revitalise your skin by supporting skin elasticity and firmness, and explore effective treatments for stretch marks and loose skin.

Understanding Your Skin’s Complexity

The skin is our body’s largest organ and performs a multitude of functions, from temperature regulation to protecting against external threats. 

Comprising various tissues and specialised structures, such as hair, nails, glands, and specialised nerve endings, our skin demands attention from inside and out for optimal health and function.

Our skin’s elasticity and regenerative abilities stem from its layered structure, with each layer comprising different types of cells. The cells on the outer layer (the epidermis) are constantly shed and replaced with new cells, while the skin cells under the epidermis tend to have a lower turnover rate. These deeper layers provide essential support through elastic connective tissues and collagen fibers.

Combatting the Effects of Ageing

Factors like ageing, poor nutrition, dehydration, weight loss and environmental stressors such as sun and chemical exposure can compromise skin integrity, leading to sagging and stretch marks. 

The dermis can also lose its elasticity when placed under severe stress due to excessive weight gain, significant muscle development, or during pregnancy, and can subsequently tear, which then forms stretch marks.

Hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, exercise and hormone replacement therapy can also cause stretch marks. The implicated hormones (called glucocorticoids) prevent the body from forming more of the collagen and elastin fibres that keep skin taut. This impacts the skin’s structural integrity and makes it easier for it to tear when placed under stress. 

Reaffirm Your Skin’s Potential with Collagen

With its remarkable ability to rejuvenate and restore, collagen has emerged as a core ingredient in modern skincare regimens aimed at combatting factors related to ageing and slowing any deterioration in skin condition.

As a fundamental protein in the body making up 30% of the body’s protein, collagen supports skin elasticity and firmness. It contains 19 different amino acids that are vital building blocks for tissues, including skin. This diverse amino acid profile makes collagen indispensable for tissue repair and regeneration, offering a holistic solution for skin health.

There are at least 28 different types of collagen. The most common are types 1 to 5, with type 1 the most plentiful, accounting for 90% of total collagen in our bodies. It is a vital form to create firm skin because it has a densely-packed fibre structure.

Support Collagen Production

By promoting collagen synthesis and elastin formation, skincare products may help to rejuvenate our skin, restoring its vitality and resilience while combating stretch marks and loose skin.

Some of the most commonly used options include supplements and creams that provide or stimulate collagen growth and new elastin formation.

In supplement form, collagen peptides or hydrolysed collagen offer effective products for skin health. Hydrolysed collagen undergoes a process called hydrolysation, which breaks down collagen into peptides for optimal absorption.

A product like Primal Beauty Collagen contains type I and type III hydrolysed collagen to help the body form new connective tissue, including skin, and also supports joint health. 

Added biotin, zinc, lycopene and vitamin C support skin through natural collagen and elastin production, improved hydration and enhanced collagen absorption.

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