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Banana Bread

Protein Packed Banana Bread

This delectable Protein Packed Banana Bread recipe blends the sweetness of bananas with the slow-release goodness of Primal Casein Protein


Maximising Creatine

Creatine remains one of the most effective, safest and, most importantly, proven performance-enhancing supplements available on the market.


Whey’t for the right time!

Change your protein shake timing to improve your body composition. “You can’t miss your protein shake straight after training – that’s the most important time to have it” says almost every gym-goer and trainer. The importance of a protein supplement to boost recovery and muscle development is not to be questioned, but does timing your […]

Primal Pink Protein recipes

Power-up protein recipes

Cooking with everyone’s favourite protein, whey, just became even more convenient! We all love whey for its versatility – it’s great for super smoothies and better-for-you baked treats – but using the flavoured options meant you had to buy multiple products to match the flavour profile of your recipe. With Primal Pink’s new unflavoured and […]

The mass builder’s shopping list

Eating for mass can be exhausting. Physically consuming the volume of food required to hit your daily calorie target is often the hardest part of a mass-building diet. Recommended calorie intakes for those looking to gain significant size, particularly hard gainers, often exceed 3500 calories a day during a mass building phase, which is an […]

5 Ways to increase protein intake

Boost your daily protein intake

At its most basic level, the formula for building muscle is simple: train, eat, sleep, repeat. Read more on 5 effective ways to boost your daily protein intake.