Winter workout guide


It’s time to ditch the conventional winter gym hiatus!

Follow these winter workout tips to start making gains towards your best summer physique ever!

Most people gain weight during winter because they choose to stay in their warm cozy bed on those frosty mornings or head straight home after work to escape those cold, dark evenings. That’s a missed opportunity because winter is the ideal time to lay the foundation for summer-time success!

The best way to avoid the winter bulge and sore aching muscle joints come spring is to keep eating right and hitting the gym regularly, with these tips as your guide. After all, “I regret all the extra hard work I put in during winter,” said no one, ever.

Pivot your approach

Set yourself a winter-specific goal and work towards it to maintain motivation levels and keep your eye on the prize. Winter is a great time to try something new or different to keep your training routine interesting and varied, which can boost motivation and commitment.

Get creative – the more interesting and engaging your new challenge is, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it. Choose a new split, or try different exercises. Set yourself a new 1-rep max target, or attempt to master a new technique or training modality?

You can also find different ways to stay active instead of trying to stick to a regular gym schedule, like plyometrics and calisthenics.

Build your foundation

Winter is great time to work on the foundational elements in any comprehensive workout plan, like strength development, core training and mobility work. 

General weakness or imbalances, especially in stabiliser muscles, and poor core strength and posture are leading causes of injury. Investing time to target any weaknesses in these areas will yield massive returns come spring and summer. 

This pre-habilitation approach to training is what every successful elite athletes implements in their approach, so why shouldn’t you?

Master your craft

Winter is the perfect opportunity to get some professional help. Utilising the services of a personal trainer or coach can add a new dimension to your established training routine and deliver outsized results.

Their input and insights could help take your training to the next level by helping to identify and iron out any issues in your current approach or improve your technique.

Warm up wisely

Frosty mornings and cold evenings call for extra attention to your warm-up to avoid injury.

Spend more time than usual getting your blood flowing with some light cardio to warm up muscles before putting them under intense strain. This will help prevent injuries and ensure you get the most out of your workout.

Buddy up

It’s easy to blow off a workout when the only person you need to cancel with is you. Get a gym partner who will hold you accountable to your scheduled sessions. Knowing there is someone else waiting for you at the gym and counting on you will give you an added incentive to brave the dark and cold conditions.

Working out with a partner also makes your training sessions more enjoyable by adding a social and competitive element. Having someone else battling through the same challenges and tough workout alongside you makes it more bearable.

Geared for action

Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail! While winter and early morning exercise might seem incompatible, those who prepare best tend to succeed. That means getting your gear ready the night before so you’re not rummaging through your cupboard in your pyjamas.

Investing in the right winter workout gear can also make your trip to the gym a far more pleasurable and comfortable experience. The entails learning the art of layering – it gives you the option to strip away clothing as you and your workout intensity hot up!

Find a winter pick-me-up

Those shorter days can leave you feeling lethargic, so get yourself a product that can kickstart your training session, like Primal Pre Workout.

It contains a key combination of critical ingredients formulated to enhance training like never before. This potent formula is designed to increase performance and energy levels, with 3g Beta Alanine and 300mg caffeine.

Armed with a recharged mind and warm body, you’ll be raring to tackle any winter workout.