Author: Tanja Schmitz


Whey’t for the right time!

Change your protein shake timing to improve your body composition. “You can’t miss your protein shake straight after training – that’s the most important time to have it” says almost every gym-goer and trainer. The importance of a protein supplement to boost recovery and muscle development is not to be questioned, but does timing your […]

Curb your cravings

5 ways to curb cravings while at home

Staying home can often be seen as daunting, especially while trying to eat clean and get lean. Kick your cravings to the curb by following 5 basic tips. While all the trips back and forth to the kitchen may count as a cardio session, feeding into temptation definitely isn’t helping your weight-loss goals.  Say goodbye […]

6 steps to reaching your goals

6 Steps to reaching your fitness goals

Take control of your success by following these 6 simple steps to a bigger, better, stronger you. Reaching your fitness goals requires – planning, structure, commitment, motivation, and action. There aren’t any quick fixes, however following these steps will guide you to success. Goal-setting: Goal-setting is critical to achieving any feat. Start by asking yourself […]

Resistance bands

Resistance bands – The miracle home-workout band

Gaining in popularity, especially with the rise of the home-workout movement – resistance bands are fast going from one of the most underrated workout tools to an essential. Athletes, as well as people trying to get fit across the world are finding more ways to use these miracle bands in their workouts, from the comfort […]

Skinny fat feature image

What it means to be ‘skinny-fat’ – it’s worse than you think

‘Skinny-fat’ is one of the latest terms thrown around nowadays within the fitness industry and social circles, describing one’s body composition. An obvious oxymoron – how can someone be described as being both skinny and fat? What does ‘skinny-fat’ even mean? Well, let’s break it down… A simple google search will give you an array […]

Creatine feature image

Creatine – backed by science to fuel and protect muscle tissue

Don’t fall into the common trend of overlooking one of the most effective supplements on shelves. Creatine is one of the oldest and researched sport supplements on the market. The trend however, seems to indicate that more and more athletes are overlooking creatine in favour of some of the more innovative and trendy supplements on […]

Maximize weight training feature image

21 ways to maximise your weight training

Follow these simple hacks to unleashing your full potential Most weight lifters share one common goal – the journey to gain more muscle. Whether it be muscle gain for increased strength and performance or for its aesthetically pleasing nature; many lift weights day in and day out chasing their goal. To help you achieve the […]

Protein VS Meal replacement

A good protein supplement is a non-negotiable in every gym girl’s nutrition plan, whether your aim is to sculpt a better body, lose weight or enhance your recovery. Choosing the best product for your specific goals can be confusing though, as there are so many on offer. While each product contains a beneficial dose of […]