Resistance bands – The miracle home-workout band

Resistance bands

Gaining in popularity, especially with the rise of the home-workout movement – resistance bands are fast going from one of the most underrated workout tools to an essential.

Athletes, as well as people trying to get fit across the world are finding more ways to use these miracle bands in their workouts, from the comfort of their own homes.

Let’s have a look at 5 benefits of resistance bands:

1. Suitable for all fitness levels

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a light stretch, or an experienced campaigner ready to smash an intense band workout; there’s a resistance band for you. Resistance bands are available in different levels; generally light, medium, or heavy. This indicates the level of resistance that each band will offer. Beginners will most likely opt for the light, while competitive athletes’ – heavy. You can also increase the tension in the band by simply changing the way you hold it; giving more slack to decrease resistance, or pulling it tighter to increase resistance levels.

2. Spoilt for choice – exercise variations

With a wide array of exercises to choose from; resistance bands allow for intense, full-body workouts from the comfort of home. There are countless workouts available online, ensuring that you target each muscle with an effective band exercise. Whether it’s leg-day, or an upper-body session; there’s more than enough workout options.

3. The most cost-effective workout

Resistance bands are very affordable – meaning less flexing of your wallet, and more flexing of your muscles. Much more economical than a gym membership; it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to keeping fit and healthy.

4. Easy to store

Resistance bands take up little to no space at all. As a matter of fact, they are often too easy to misplace; so make sure that you store them in one spot. You can fold them, put them in a small box, drawer, carry bag, or even hang it up on a hook.

5. No spot needed

You will never have to worry about your unreliable gym partner again. Training with resistance bands means that you can train hard – alone. You don’t have to worry about injuries associated with heavy weight training and therefore don’t need a spot. Bands allow you to train intensely, make progress and push your limits; using only the resistance of the band, and your bodyweight.

From bodybuilding to yoga, amateur to professional athlete; resistance bands seem to tick all the boxes across fitness categories.

If you haven’t given these bands a try, now is the perfect time. You’re only a resistance band away from an epic home-workout.