Boost testosterone

Testosterone is arguably the most well-known anabolic hormone, playing a critical role in various aspects of men’s health.

Rep Ranges

Rep Ranges

When looking to add muscle in the gym, every rep counts. But it’s not just how many you perform per exercise that matters.


BCAA with Leucine

Leucine, isoleucine and valine are BCAAs you can get in intelligently-formulated supplements like Primal BCAA 12:1:1

collagen for skin

Collagen For Skin

A product like Primal Beauty Collagen contains type I and type III hydrolysed collagen to help the body form new connective tissue, including skin, and also supports joint health.


Maximising Creatine

Creatine remains one of the most effective, safest and, most importantly, proven performance-enhancing supplements available on the market.


Whey’t for the right time!

Change your protein shake timing to improve your body composition. “You can’t miss your protein shake straight after training – that’s the most important time to have it” says almost every gym-goer and trainer. The importance of a protein supplement to boost recovery and muscle development is not to be questioned, but does timing your […]

Curb your cravings

5 ways to curb cravings while at home

Staying home can often be seen as daunting, especially while trying to eat clean and get lean. Kick your cravings to the curb by following 5 basic tips. While all the trips back and forth to the kitchen may count as a cardio session, feeding into temptation definitely isn’t helping your weight-loss goals.  Say goodbye […]

6 steps to reaching your goals

6 Steps to reaching your fitness goals

Take control of your success by following these 6 simple steps to a bigger, better, stronger you. Reaching your fitness goals requires – planning, structure, commitment, motivation, and action. There aren’t any quick fixes, however following these steps will guide you to success. Goal-setting: Goal-setting is critical to achieving any feat. Start by asking yourself […]