Increasing daily protein intake to build muscle

Chances are good that the first piece of advice you got when you started lifting weights was to increase your daily protein intake to build muscle faster. Without a doubt, protein can help you add muscle.

What type of protein is then the best to use? Relying on whole food such as meats, dairy products, nuts and beans to give you the protein you need can be easier said than done and most gym-goers depend on protein powder because it is a fast and super convenient way to add extra protein to your diet.

The different types of protein are:

1.) Whey isolate

Whey isolate is specifically processed to remove fat and lactose which streamlines absorption. Out of all the different protein supplements on the market today Whey isolate stands out as one of the best because it removes a much higher percentage of non-protein content than other sources. Whey isolate is also quickly-absorbed by the body making it perfect for muscle recovery.

2.) Whey concentrate

Milk protein that contains a high level of branched-chain amino acids which is also easily digestible. Whey concentrate has a low lactose level that is well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive individuals. It contains peptides (small proteins) that increase blood flow to the muscles, the main reason it is taken immediately after a training session.

3.) Casein protein

Although this type of protein, a by-product of milk, always plays second fiddle to the fast-acting whey protein it is the best protein choice you can take before bed. This is due to its slow and steady digestion rate. Some bodybuilders even mix whey and casein protein to boost muscle protein synthesis. Watch out for artificial ingredients usually added to make it more palatable. Casein often appears under the term “calcium caseinate” on labels.

4.) Beef protein

Synonymous in gym circles for building muscle and increasing strength, beef protein is one of the best natural sources of creatine. Some beef protein products also contain no fat or cholesterol and are popular among bodybuilders who prefer to derive their protein from a non-dairy, non-plant protein source.

5.) Egg protein

Basically made by separating yolks and dehydrating egg whites, egg protein powders provide you with vitamins and minerals that can contribute to your daily diet when muscle mass is your number one priority. Egg protein was also the number one choice for bodybuilders before other types of protein supplements surpassed it due to better taste and lower cost.

6.) Plant protein

Protein taken from soy beans can assist the body in immune function and promote healthy bones. Soy and hemp proteins are also one of the few in this group that supply the complete range of essential amino acids. Other well-known vegetable source proteins include rice, pea and hemp, typically suitable for vegan and lactose-sensitive bodybuilders.