Power supplement combos

Combine these supplements to power up your training and achieve your goals.

While supplements that are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients and science-backed formulation are highly effective on their own, there are a number of potent product combinations that you can use to boost your efforts in the gym.

Whether you want to accelerate your weight loss, boost your performance, add muscle quicker, or improve your health, you can often amplify the effects of potent supplements when you pair synergistic products together.

Try one of these power supplement combos to improve your results now!

Burn fat faster

How: Combine CLA + L-carnitine
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Tap into stored body fat more efficiently and boost your body’s fat-burning capacity by combining conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and L-carnitine. This combo diverts fatty acids to muscle cells due to the effects of CLA, while L-carnitine efficiently transports them into the muscle cells where they are used to produce energy.

CLA and L-carnitine are just two of the many products available on supplement store shelves that have fat burning properties. Learn more about the other options to achieve your goals.

Gain more muscle

How: Combine BCAAs + L-glutamine
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Protect hard-earned muscle and support recovery by combining BCAAs, which are vital building blocks for other amino acids (and therefore muscle), with L-glutamine, another important substance needed to form muscle tissue and other protein structures. This supplement stack also minimises muscle breakdown during training and boosts recovery and muscle repair.

Learn more about the other benefits of supplementing with glutamine.

Boost your strength

How: Combine creatine + Beta-Alanine
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Creatine is one of the world’s most researched supplements and is also one of the most effective. It increases stored levels of an important substance – creatine phosphate – which is needed to fuel short-duration, high-intensity muscle contractions. Beta-Alanine helps to buffer the effects of lactic acid, which can limit muscle contractions, to extend the time it takes for working muscles to fatigue and reach failure. When combined you’ll increase your work capacity, which allows you to work out harder for longer, and that’s what ultimately delivers better gains in strength, size and fitness levels.

Find out why creatine is considered the undisputed king of supplements.

Elevate your health

How: Combine vitamin C + vitamin E
Boost immunity to ward off infection and improve recovery, while also reducing oxidative stress by increasing your intake of vitamins C and E. These two potent antioxidants limit the impact of damaging free radicals that develop after intense or prolonged exercise, or during times of stress or illness.